"Whenever I go out at least one stranger comments on my jewellery asking where I got it." Lucinda

Pink Lobster Shop is run by Pink Lobster Dating Ltd, the world's only exclusive femme dating and matchmaking company.

All merchandise on the Pink Lobster Shop has been designed and created exclusively for Pink Lobster Dating and Pink Lobster Matchmaking.

The company wanted to create beautiful and unique products that any woman can wear.

Our jewellery has been designed and created by renowned designer Rebecca Cowley of Working Clasp.  Every item is hand made lovingly and each piece will therefore be unique in its own right.  

Some of the items have hidden meaning and can be worn as statement pieces.  For example, the "femme" necklaces are for femme lesbians, bisexuals and women who like women.  The idea is that if you prefer not to wear rainbow flags and obvious statement pieces about your sexuality, this jewellery is a more subtle and elegant way to let others know. 

Wear Pink Lobster's jewellery to stand out, look and feel fabulous. 

All products designs and slogans are entirely original in the Pink Lobster Shop and are copyright of Pink Lobster Dating Ltd.